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Customised Felt Banner


Each banner starts at £12, comes with 3 flags as standard and includes lettering, string and co-ordinated ribbons, pom poms or tassles of choice.

These custom made Felt Banners are fabulous for all occasions. Go for a traditional 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' or 'WILD ONE' 'ANY NAME' the choice is yours! Perfect for photo props, ideal for birthday decor and will complement any children's room nicely. Where will you hang yours?

Example: OLIVIA with 2 blanks either side - select 8 flags.

Each flag measures approx 10x10cm.

Available in various colours, please submit a message for lettering and type exactly how you would like to see it. Include all blanks as 1 flag. Also include all choices: flag colour, choice of pom pom, tassle or ribbon which will coordinate with colour choice.

Each banner is custom made to order.

SAFETY- For decorative purpose only. Keep away from children.

CARE- Store flat when not in use. Wipe clean only. May fade in sunlight.

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